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Construction Photographs - Questions

Where do these construction pictures come from?

The pictures were taken primarily in the Dallas / Ft. Worth, Texas area. They are taken at actual construction sites, and are not posed shots. If you need free stock photos of general contractors, construction crews or construction projects, you've come to the right place!

How are the photos organized? How do I find pictures that cover the construction subject matter I'm looking for?

The construction photos are grouped into 16 albums that match the divisions used by general contractors for their standard bidding documentation. In each album you will find small, fast-loading thumbnails of all the available pictures for that division. You can also view a larger version of any thumbnail by clicking the link next to the thumbnail. If you find a photo you'd like to use, simply click on the Request This Picture link next to the thumbnail, and provide your name and email address. The link to the full size image with no copyright watermark will appear on screen and it will be emailed back to you in a matter of minutes.

How can the photographs be used?

You may use the photographs on your websites and computer presentations, or in print documents like marketing literature, magazines or reports. The full size images are approximately 6 mega-pixels (MP) in size, and were taken with a 35mm-equivalent digital camera and good quality lenses. Some of these images have been used in four-color print documents very successfully. You can see some of the ways our free stock photos have been used on our applications page.

You are not required to send us a link to the page where you use our photo, but there is a bonus to you if you do! If you send a link to a page where our photos are used, we'll be happy to list your page on our Links page and hopefully drive more traffic to your site as well! You can send us that information using our contact form.

If you use our photographs in your magazine, send us a copy and we'll include a link to your website! Use the contact form for more information.

How can the photographs NOT be used?

  1. Our photos may not be used as part of any stock photo collections or compilations, or distributed in any way except as part of finished-product print or electronic documents.
  2. The pictures may not be distributed by themselves, individually or as part of any group of photos. If someone wants to use one of our pictures, we require that they get it directly from our site and give us the appropriate photo credit.
  3. Resellers of stock photography can not show or advertise our photographs on their sites.
  4. Prints of our pictures may not be sold unless they are part of a finished-product document (like a magazine) where appropriate photo credit to us is given.
  5. You may not put your own copyright mark or photo credit on any of our photos.
  6. You may not use any of our photos in a way that suggests, directly or indirectly, that you performed the work shown in the photo.

How much does it cost to use a picture from this site?

We require only the following:

  • For print or electronic documents not linked to the Internet, each photo used must be captioned with the following:
    photo courtesy of
  • For web pages or electronic documents that are linked to the internet, each photo used must be captioned with the following:
    photo courtesy of

    (The hyperlink, when clicked on, opens our home page in a new window)

    The HTML code to generate this photo credit is below - you can simply copy and paste this code into your page:
    <a href="" target="_blank"><b>photo
    courtesy of </b></a>

Why do you offer photographs for free?

Ultimately we may choose to charge for the use of our photos. Before we can do that, however, we need to have regular traffic to our site. By allowing free use of the pictures now, we expect to get our name and link on various websites and improve our search engine ranking. We want to be linked on your website and have a photo credit in your print document, and we're willing to allow you free use of our photos to accomplish that. Further, if you will send us a link to a page where you have used one of our pictures, we'll post that on our links page and hopefully drive more traffic to your site as well.

Will I get a bunch of junk e-mail if I request a photo? I don't want to be put on a mailing list!

We are not compiling the names/emails of people who contact us. We will not share the information with marketers, resellers, advertisers or anyone else. We will not be sending out broadcast emails. Requesting a photo will not generate junk e-mails for you because your information will not be given to anyone else or used by us for any mail lists or advertising. The e-mail address is necessary so we can send you the link to the full size picture. If we find someone who is using one of our photos without the appropriate photo credit, we will contact them in order to address that issue. Other than that, we have no intention of contacting anyone who requests photos from this site.

Our goal is to generate links back to us around the internet. We have no desire to build mailing lists, sell information or generate spam for you or anyone else.

Are you trying to put professional photographers out of business? recognizes that many hard working professional photographers earn a living taking photographs of scenes similar to some of those posted here. We do not intend to show disrespect to these professional photographers, but offer our photographs for review of construction through our cameras. Professional photographers are often contracted for specific photographs of particular scenes or themes. These professional photographers spend hours setting up and getting the perfect picture. We take the photo as it happens and move on.

We encourage individuals and advertisers to use the services of their local professional. We also encourage advertising agencies to review the photographs on this site for composition and ideas, then contract with local professional photographers in their area for specific photographs. does not and will not contract for specific photographs.


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